Mix Delivery

Suggestions for your upload to ensure a smooth mastering process:
– export your mix files at the project’s native sample-rate in at least 24bit (32/64 bit float formats preferred) as WAVE or AIF
– include any reference mixes (aka limiter versions, listening mixes, etc.)
– ZIP multiple files before uploading
– include project information, e.g. proposed release formats, label copy (including ISRC/EAN codes, tracklisting, …), invoicing address, suggestions for sonic direction/ links to sound references

Following your successful upload, you’ll receive an email with a transfer confirmation. Click on “Access project” to start collaborating via your browser (mobile or desktop).


We use fidbak to receive and send files securely and sustainably, with a lot of additional features like
– Centralizing all info, with conversations dedicated to each projects
– Audio player with waveform and comments timeline (max. resolution 96Khz/24Bit)
– Managing our collaborations, decide who transfers, downloads, comments and shares


How it works:


If you want to include a mastering credit in your liner notes (thank you!), please use the following:
(en) Mastered planet-friendly at Flo Siller Mastering.
(de) Umweltfreundlich gemastert von Flo Siller Mastering.
(Labelcopy Info for Aggregator/Distribution) Mastering Engineer / Masterer: Flo Siller

File Storage

Your files are processed and hosted redundantly on servers by IONOS and OVH, all compliant to European data regulation rules (GDPR).
As with our web-hosting we gladly make an effort to ensure all our data transfers are handled as climate-friendly as possible, stretching beyond the use of 100% green energy and carbon-offsetting.
See here, here and here for further information.

Our archiving scheme includes cloud storage and redundant local backups for all our masters, project files as well as received mixes.